Mourning Glow

by Wild Moth

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Singles 7" recorded and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden in Palo Alto, CA. Released on Asian Man records. Physical copy includes one song per side and a b/sides digital download code.

Thanks to Mike Park and Bob Vielma


released 28 July 2012



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Track Name: Mourning Glow
slow openings bearing through the days
after all this confrontation.
somebody slips. i dont want it to be you.
someones afraid of all the things they'll have to do.
i wouldnt stray.
i turned away. growing tired of this game.
dont turn away from empty decisions / empty delusions.


keep on veiling the fodder
from a broken module of social norms.
perpetuating a culture born
of blind compliance to a
perpetual void.
Track Name: Patience
crawling out from the cave
where banality held your place
its been a while
if felt like a home
that wasnt your home.


cant escape the feeling
of years passing by ;

a settled sense of failure

where we stand


them go


its drinking the dregs of an empty cup
its like staring at brail
new statues of gods
alone with the grail
should i ever have been
should i ever have tried to give
this feels like the end.